Our Law Office offers help concerning residence legalization for foreigners:


  • Permit for residence for fixed period of time, due to employment in Poland, marriage with Polish citizen, settlement permit, long-term resident’s EU residence permit, citizenship. We also act on behalf of the employer for issuance of the work permit for foreigners and renewal
    of the work permit type A, B, C, D, E.

  • Besides, we obtain the purchase of real estate by foreigners.
    As the Office registers companies constituted under commercial law, we provide such services also for foreigners who can obtain work permits type B after having the limited liability company registered and therefore entitled to apply for permit for residence for fixed period of time in Poland as members of the Executive Board.


  • The Office deals inter alia with preparation of the Articles of Association, preparation of documents required to register the company, submission of the documents to the Court in order to obtain the Company Registration in KRS (National Register of Justice), the Application of Regon number (Regon statistical number issued by the Central Statistics Office) and the application of NIP number (tax identification number).


Our Law Office provides also assistance in contact with Polish Bank who can propose convenient conditions for opening and maintaining of a bank account.


Our Law Office can provide your company with a virtual address. The newly formed company may use the address for registration of a company, the post office box as well as the Office rental for hours.


We would like to suggest you also the offer of our allied accounting office. Due to the long and continuous cooperation, competitive prices are to be applied.


Our Law Office works also with the Notary Office and the Tax Adviser who provides constant help to our customers.