Law Office in Warsaw

My Law Office specializes in providing comprehensive legal services. It is unique for its greatest quality, individual asset toward the Client and complexity. One of our major assets is the fact that we are fully involved in projects, delivering modern legal solutions and adjusting the way of services to the individual Client’s needs with minimal budget. The court cases are often emotional and difficult for those who had never before been in contact with law. Taking all that into consideration, I help my Clients to get acquainted with the mechanism of those difficult and sometimes barbarous procedures. Because of all that, I consider my Law Office different from the others and therefore worth knowing.

Our cooperation starts with a legal advice and after that, I prepare the level of my duties and the final price. The price includes all consultations, scripts and trials. The wages are fixed individually, depending on kind and degree of complexity of the case given and the necessary labor input. There are cases where the essential element of the payment is the bonus attributed to the positive resolution of the litigation. In that case, the remuneration is determined due to the success fee and counted as the given percentage of the value of the subject-matter.

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